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Warranty Policy

Proper cleaning and permanent storage of glasses in a hard case will ensure the longevity of the glasses. The Customer must follow the following rules:

  • Microfibre cloth and alcohol-free liquid lens cleaner or disposable wet wipes must be used. Both sides of the lenses and all parts of the frame must be rubbed gently. Jumpers or other clothing shall never be used for cleaning glasses. The abrasive particles create tiny scratches and a small amount of damage that builds up over time.

  • The coating of the eyeglass lenses may be damaged by heat. When exposed to a high temperature, the coating may crack or peel off. Since heat may also deform the frame, please never expose eyeglasses to direct sunlight or hot surfaces. Eyeglasses shall never be taken when going to a bath and shall never be left in a car on a hot day. 

  • Eyeglasses must  be protected from sharp objects and salty water.

  • Chemical substances, such as acetone, hair spray, perfume, insect repellents, etc., shall never be used as it might damage the coating or the frame.

  • Eyeglasses should be put on and taken off using both hands.

  • Don't wear your glasses on top of your head, as this will stretch out the temples and make them loose over time.         

Provided terms for care instructions should be exercised in full to be eligible for our warranty.


At Glasses Club, quality is our main focus. We aim to provide the best possible products in the market, but in case the Customer feels like it has received faulty lenses or frames, there is nothing to worry about, as we offer a 24-month manufacturer's warranty (except for Estonia - 12 months warranty). See the list below to check the issues that are covered under warranty and, if they occur, we will repair or replace your items at no extra charge.


Issues covered

Issues not covered

Lens defects

Cracks caused by other reasons than careless handling

Exposure to extreme temperatures

Coatings that start peeling off

Exposure to water for extensive amounts of time


Careless handling


Cleaning performed not in accordance with our recommendations

Frames defects

Loosened screws

Exposure to extreme temperatures

Broken nose pads

Exposure to water for extensive amounts of time

Weakened (or broken) hinges

Careless handling

Chipped logos, jewels, or other similar adornments

Cleaning performed not in accordance with our recommendations

Fading of color or oxidation


Products that fall under warranty cases should be in their original condition, not damaged and no parts can be missing. Otherwise, you are not eligible to claim a warranty.


Because of environmental factors and regular wear, signs of weariness appear on optical items naturally over time. The reduced glossiness of the frame, scratches on both the frame and the lenses, and such are signs of natural weariness. The warranty does not cover these as they are not considered to be the manufacturer's fault. Rimless and half-rimless glasses are prone to breakage and must, therefore, be worn with extra care. In this case, the damage is not covered under warranty.

In case of breaking, do NOT try to repair your eyewear yourself. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover products that have been tampered by an unauthorized company or person. Please note that frames and lenses have separate guarantees that cannot be interchanged.

At Glasses Club, our primary goal is to ensure maximum quality of the products we provide, thus safeguarding your utmost satisfaction. We are sure that you will love our product, as we do everything we can that each order is manufactured to perfection.